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Tie Dyes & Tutu's 

The Rundown

Tie Dyes & Tutu's.jpg

Arrive Friday June 9th to set up camp and crack open a cold one, or do that first then set up camp. Saturday morning we prepare to put in for the famous 5 mile float. Post float we will dance the night away with Vic Vaughn and Souled out. 

Booking info

Show Me SUP's Fleet is already SOLD OUT for 2024 event. Hootentown Canoe Rental has plenty of rafts, kayaks and canoes available. All Camping and Floating is to be handled directly through Hootentown Canoe Rental. 


  1. No Underage Drinking

  2. NO GLASS containers of any type on the river or at camp. If staff sees you with glass you will be asked to discard the glass. If you have a plastic container to put it in PERFECT. 

  3. Yes, Recreational use cannabis is legal now however, it is only to be used "Smoked" in private or in groups with people doing the same thing. It may be legal but, they are still strict on where you can partake. 

  4. Fighting or loud arguments after hours will be met with removel from the property. 

Private Shuttle Rules

For the Love of All Thats Holy


We will not be responsible for Paddles or any equipment left at the take out, we are just taking your damn boat back


Friday Night

Music From the Outhouse.jpg

70's, 80's 90's TropRock, Funk and Dance

Saturday Night


Something the James rarely gets, Motown, funk, and soul. Vic will bring good vibes to the night.

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