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Schitty Canoe Company &Show Me SUP

Rentals & Schitt

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Collections & Schitt


Slightly used outdoor gear & ApparelComing Soon ......... Seriously, it is

Affordable used gear thatstill has life left in it

Rentals & Prices

6 Person Raft - 125

The Largest Raft in our fleet, The RMR Storm 6 person raft is great for the entire family. We use RMR's Storm Series Rafts due to the inflatable self bailing floor. This allows you to never have to drain or bail the raft out and it allows the raft to sit higher in the water letting you glide over shallow shoals.

Stand Up Paddleboards - 35

sol sumo.webp

The most unique way to enjoy a float trip is to try a paddleboard. We provide a crash course lesson on how and send you off with one of our oversized boards so you can bring your cooler and still have the stability to ensure your trip will be fun. The ability to stand on water gives you the "Schittiest" experience, seeing all the fish and wildlife you normally wouldn't see in a regular boat. 

4 Person Raft - 100

The RMR Storm 4 person raft is perfect for the group of 2 or 3 people and a large cooler. Yes, it says 4 person but your cooler has feelings too and it counts as a 4th person because your cooler brings you an entire day of joy. With oversized tubes and an inflatable floor that self bails you will ride higher in the water gliding over the shallow shoals everyone else gets stuck on. 

Canoes - 45


And yes, we do have canoes. We find them in fields, metal piles and anywhere we can. We barely fix them up and give them stupid paint jobs but, what the hell else would you rather paddle down the river. Yes, they are safe.......we hope. Still better than a boring yellow, blue or green canoe, hell, they should all have instagram pages. 

Kayaks - 45

Sol Fiesta 6-8 Person Stand up Paddleboard 110

Though we have a few rotomolded "plastic Jackson Kayaks," we chose to bring on high end inflatable kayaks to our fleet. We literally asked all of our customers last season to give honest opinions about them and the only complaint was from a sweet little lady that said it was to wide for her but loved the fact it would not flip. With that said, our inflatable kayaks are always a hot rental item and only weigh 26lbs. 


Introducing our new SOL Fiesta 6 Perons stand up paddleboard or as we call it "The River Yacht". Nothing says fun on the river like white cheeta print and pink.... Stand out and stand up while you enjoy the beautiful Ozark mountains and scenic James River. This board fits 6 but is perfect for two couple and 4 crazy friends or even doggo's. 

Private Shuttles

We love shuttling private boats however, we do require you to call or text or message us if you need a private shuttle. 

2024 Private Shuttle Prices

Kerr Access to Cox Access "Y Bridge" 5 miles

1st Boat - $25

Each Additional - $15

Hootentown to Kerr Access - 12-14 miles

1st Boat - $30

Each Additional - $20

These prices are to cover our fuel cost's and insurance

Call or Message - 417-521-4421 to book your private shuttle. 


Schitty Canoe Company & Show Me SUP want to ensure that our customers truly enjoy their time on the river. Yes, our canoes are Schitty but our fleet of inflatables are from trusted manufactures and some of the most durable in the industry. 


Events & Schitt



Schitty Canoe Co & Show Me SUP Outfitters & River Schitt is located on the James River in Southwest Missouri. Our team of non-expert floaters and river hooligans will always make sure to get you on the river not on time to make sure you have the Schittiest time. Yes we are an outfitter, Moose out front shoulda told ya, we also sell Schitt like shirts that shrink if you wash them stupid and Paddleboards and gear. We take our Paddleboard sales seriously, the rest of the schitt is at your own risk. Aloha Y'all

We Are NOT Organic

100% Cotton Maybe


Washable Kinda

Water Paddles


417-521-4421 -


 Galena Mo 65721

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