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Well Schitt, here's to the 2024 Floating Season

What a crazy and wild winter season we have had. Between the little bit of snow, the below zero temps and the spring-like days when it should be winter I think we can all agree it's time to get back out on the river and soak up wome sun and water.

Schitty Canoe Company and Show Me SUP will have some new changes this seaon as far as our shuttles go. We will be strictly using our state accesses to put folks in and take them off the water. The section of the James River we float is 4.8 miles making it a very easy float even for the novice floater. We will pick you up at Cox Memorial access "IN GALENA", we will then bus you up to Kerr Access and drop you and your rentals off where you simply put in at your convenience and simply float back to your vehicles. We ask you to shoot us a text when you can see the highway bridge right before the take out. You simply will pull your boat up into the grassy area we show you and get in your car and go home and stop by one of the amazing local restaurants within a few min drive of any direction you are going.

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