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The new POP Kayak has turned out to be an amazing boat for us along with our other brand SOL. 

Extremely durable and obviously comfortable based on our media photo. 

The POP Kayak is the perfect way to have a rugged and rigged feeling Kayak that packs up into a back pack at the end of the day. Everything you need comes with the POP Kayak. 


- The Kayak

- Two Paddles

- Fin " for flat water tracking" 

- A pump

- Repair kits 

- Mesh/Canvas bag


The POP Kayak is perfect for people that have smaller cars, motorcycles, and overland vehicles. You can have a rugged 12ft boat in the corner of your apartment, camper or off road vehicle. 


We use them in our rental fleet daily with no issues yet and our rivers are not forgiving on boats. This will be a great boat that you will have for many years of adventuring and doggo paddles. 

POP Kayak Tandem or Doggo Setup

Excluding Sales Tax
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