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1st Annual Smoke on the Water

General Info

The event at the stage is free to the public, please read the rules below for information. We are keeping this event quaint and small to start in hopes of growing it much larger next year. Please follow all rules for the event and Camp Tomahawk so we can host this event again in the coming years. 

Camping info

All Camping is to be handled directly through Camp Tomahawk. Majority of Tomahawk camping is primitive. You are allowed to bring a generator just please make sure it is a quieter running genny. 

Camp Tomahawk - 417-840-6511

What's Smokin'

The Planets have aligned and Cannabis is now legal in the state of Missouri. Schitty Canoe Co & Show Me SUP will be hosting our first annual Smoke on the Water Float trip and Cannabis Festival. We will have Dispensaries on hand promoting their locations and Music and Dancing. 


  • Arrive and check it for camping at the Camp Tomahawk office. 

  • We will have just a campsite crawl on Friday night and meet all the cool folks attending

  • Inviting all jam musicians to bring their instruments. 


  • 5 mile float trip @ 10:30am

  • Following the float we will have music and dancing and hopefully some jam music going on. 

  • Music 8:30pm -11pm

  • Campsite Crawl after. 

Floating info

If you want to float the 5 mile float, all rentals will be handled through Schitty Canoe Company. We have Rafts, Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards available. 

Just Click on our booking link and book your boat for the 19th @ 10am. Or Call 



Because of the new cannabis laws and everything being so new as far as legal recreational cannabis we are following the laws to the "T" as far as events go. We want to make sure we can have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th annual event in the future. Here are some of the rules we will need the public to follow "No Exceptions" 

  • Public consumption can only be done in the designated roped off are "The Main Stage Area". By Law you are not allowed to consume or smoke cannabis outside of the designated area

  • This is a privately owned campground therefore you need to follow the property owners rules for consumption as well. We will have a couple sections of campground reserved to put folks coming to the event. If you choose your own site and it is next to a family OR a family sets up next to you, please be mindful of your consumption of cannabis. People that do not consume cannabis still have more say in being around it then people who consume. 

  • We ask that you do not openly walk around smoking in non designated areas, if you are seen doing so we will ask you to go to the designated areas. If you refuse or continue to consume outside of the designated areas you will be asked to leave the property. 

  • It is still illegal to consume cannabis on the water because it is considered "Public Area". As much as you probably already do like us we do smoke on the river or take edibles, however, being that it is still illegal on the river just don't be a fool and smoke around people that might be offended by the smell. Technically Drunk in public is a law on the river, we believe that if you were confronted by water patrol or law enforcement just be honest with them and don't give them a reason to escalate anything. 

  • This event and the few events that have already happened around the state have received good praise and past events in St Louis have been met with great turn out. We hope Smoke on the Water will be the same. As each state starts to legalize cannabis, we will inch closer to the federal level. For right now we have to follow strict rules in order to enjoy rec cannabis. 

  • You Must be over 21 to consume cannabis and you must be 21 to enter the stage area. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone caught consuming cannabis under the age of 21 will be asked to leave the property. 

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