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Used Schitt

Gently Used Apparel and GearFor the broke ass floater

Schitt We Offer

Apparel, Outdoor Gear, Boats and more....

If you are a first time floater taking your first float trip and you don't have any camping gear, don't go blow a bunch of money on gear you might only use once. For the love of god, don't go out and buy cheap gear either, it will only make your floating and camping experience a bad one. 

Schitty Canoe's business model is to bring life back into old banged up canoes so, why not offer gear that does the same thing, and make it affordable for those wanting to floating and camping for the first time. 

Our Process
  • All used gear is gone through to ensure everything is in good condition and in proper working order
  • All gear is proffessionally cleaned and repaired if needed
  • We will post all items on our "Used Schitt" page, everything is sold as is and all sizes are just for that one listed item, we most likely will not have various sizes for the same item. 
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